What is the right age to get married?

So I was having this discussion with a dear friend of mine earlier. Her view was that the ideal for marriage is 25 – 30 for a woman and 30 – 35 for a man.

Her rationale was that it gives the woman enough time to experience life being single and the man enough time to establish his career and earn a bit of savings before tying the knot.

My response to her was that it makes absolutely no difference what age you get married, as it differs depending on the individual and when they are ready. Some of my female friends have married in their early twenties, others in their late twenties, and a few in their thirties. To be honest I don’t believe there is any correlation between the age a woman gets married and the likelihood of the marriage lasting. The only thing that matters in the long-run in my experience is a) the strength of the relationship, b) the willingness of both parties to compromise and try once the honeymoon period is over and c) the maturity of both parties.

That’s my view anyway. I am interested to hear your opinion – what do you think is the best age to tie the knot?

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