6 of the Most Daring Transporation Ideas to the Alter for the Groom that You’ve Ever Thought of

I’ve always wanted to be different for my wedding. Different in a good way of course. And when I was chatting to my mom about some audacious ideas for the groom, we came up with the following six.

Yes, they are extremely daring. Brace yourselves.


1 – A Horse

There’s something really manly and old-fashioned about a man arriving to a venue on a horse (and a man who knows how to control a horse for that matter). Not to mention something really romantic about having a man pick me up on a horse!

The horse tops my list of daring transportation ideas for the groom, if my hubby actually does arrive to the alter on a horse, I better make sure I’ve prepped myself properly with moisturize, blush, concealer, eyeliner and make-up. I’d also want to make sure that I’ve used one of the best collagen creams for 3 months up to the lead-up of the big day.

2 – A Flying Fox

Now how awesome would that be?! A man showing how much he loves you by risking his life on a flying fox. As long as the flying fox is safety inspected, this would undoubtedly be my second choice. Oh, and my other condition is that the flying fox can’t mess up his suit… Because that would just be disastrous!

3 – A Chairlift

A close third behind the flying fox, I think a chairlift would make an entrance almost as grandiose! Now the chairlift also has a high chance for injury if not designed or safety inspected properly, so another one of my conditions would be that the chair is 100% safe and has a 0% likelihood for error.

4 – A Horse and Carriage

Perhaps only because I’m a sucker for early 20th century films, next on my list is the primary mode of transportation during this time, a horse and carriage! Not quite as romantic as a horse on it’s own, the horse and carriage is still an entrance that would make me go “wow!” if I was the bride waiting for my hubby on the alter.

5 – A Batmobile

Ok, so probably just because I had a major crush on Batman when I was growing up, I would love for my husband to drive down the alter in a black Batmobile wearing a black cape. What would be even sexier is if he opened the door and instead of wedding a black-tie suit for our wedding, he decided to wear a black cape like Batman. Perhaps I’m the only one who has this fantasy, but no other entrance could possible quite make me as excited as this one.

Oh, and apparently Batmobiles can be purchased on eBay these days…

6 – A Pogo Stick

Just for the LOLs, and because I love my husband so much. And because he is secure enough in his own skin that he can laugh at himself. Nothing could quite possibly be as funny as seeing him meet me on the alter bouncing around on a pogo stick.

Perhaps not quite the most romantic entrance, but still one that I’d cherish and save in my memory forever.


Ah, I love weddings!


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