Products to Give to the Groom Before His Wedding

As a bride to be, it can be overwhelming thinking about what gift to give your hubby on the big day. Worst of all, he may lose all of his masculinity, which is what you fell in love with in the first place, and become a big cuddly pushover.

Here are some ideas of gifts you can share with him that will help him retain his masculine side.


There’s no feeling like celebrating a key accomplishment with your man. Whether it be your wedding itself, a newborn, or something else you’ve achieved together, there’s no better way to hand your man back his male role by letting him feel like you’ve accomplished something together. Just be warned of the hangover you’ll get the next day, that sugar is deadly!


A plump, juicy steak

Something that all men on this planet would quickly admit they love, this can be the best wedding gift of them all, especially if you’ve cooked it yourself. Add some red wine sauce as well as some extra pepper and garlic flakes for a real treat!


Gym supplements

Perhaps a subtle hint to tell your man to start pumping iron(?), or perhaps a good way to feed your man’s favourite hobby. Some good ideas here include Protein powder, Creatine and branched-chain amino acids. I hear that make a good product also.


Power tools

Because what man doesn’t enjoy messing around with power tools? Some ideas here include a pneumatic drill, screwdriver and a pneumatic torque wrench. Just make sure you’re not near your man when he starts using them.


An expensive suit

Preferably one from Ermenegildo Zegna, this will really make your man look and feel like a boss (think Harvey Spector from Suits)! This is probably the item he’ll appreciate the most from the list, purely due to its value. Make sure you don’t it get to his head though, because then he might become a big arrogant.


A pinky ring

Something that members of the American mafia would historically wear, this will really bring out the “bad” side of your man. And how much fun would it be exchanging rings?! He gives you your wedding ring (for your fourth finger) and you give him his mafia ring. That seems like a fair deal, because at least you’ll be exchanging gifts with one another and not just receiving.


So there you have it, some ideas of gifts to give your man on the big day. We’d be interested to hear some more ideas if you have any. Otherwise happy wedding planning ladies! x

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