The Most Important Things to Not Forget About at your Wedding Ceremony

invitations_stationery_addressing.aspIf you’re not already married, I want you to imagine this.

The big day has finally arrived. Correction. *Your* big day has finally arrived. The moment you’ve always dreamed of – when you tie the knot with your soul mate and your lifelong best friend – has come. You’ve never been so excited.

You’ve spent hours preparing and all you can think about is the Celebrant saying to your husband “you may kiss the bride” (and of course what follows after that).

But then, you think to yourself, what if some things are forgotten?

In this article I’m going to tell you the worst things that you can possibly forget at your wedding –


The Ring

Oh boy. If there’s one thing you should NOT forget at your wedding, it’s the ring! Please, please, PLEASE do not forget the ring.

The one item that symbolizes commitment and togetherness between two people forever.

Can you imagine your wedding without it? It would be like a restaurant without the chef, seriously. Or a fashion show without the model!


The Best Man

Now wouldn’t it be a bit of a kick in the guts if your husband’s best man didn’t rock up? In what is undoubtedly the biggest honour you can give to someone, can you imagine if they went missing at the 23rd hour?

Well if it happened to me, it’d certainly be the last time I encourage my partner to speak to him, that’s for sure. My partner is an athlete, but even if the runaway best man was offering samples of Niacin to make him into a better athlete, I’d make sure that he never speaks to him again!


The Bridesmaids

Something which could arguably even be ahead of the best man in the list, a wedding without the bridesmaids would be like a painting without colour, or a skyline without the big, beautiful buildings.


The Bouquet

Ah, the bouquet.

Now what would your wedding be without knowing which eager young lady at the function will be the next to get hitched?

Undoubtedly the highlight for (dare I say it) all of the single ladies at a wedding, the bouquet throwing is when women all of a sudden gain an undiscovered competitive streak. Blood, sweat and even tears are often shed to catch that bouquet. And what would a wedding be without this drama?!


The Cake

Certainly the most anticipated item on the menu at a wedding, what would a wedding be without a cake?

Not worth attending, I say.


The Aisle

Without an aisle, there’d be no way for the father of the bride to proudly show you off and give you away. Now that wouldn’t be good, because one of the oldest traditions of a wedding is for the father of the bride to give his daughter away, as a symbol of his blessing of good health and happiness to the couple.

Imagine if you didn’t have that blessing?! You’d be in for a lifetime of arguments and unhappiness.


The Celebrant or the Bride or the Groom

Bottom of the list for obvious reasons. Without either of these three things, there simply would be no wedding. And no wedding means no fun, no romance and no partner you can share life’s adventure with.


So there’s my list, but I’m interested to hear your opinions.

What would round out the top 3 things to not forget at your wedding?

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