Types of People You’ll Find at a Wedding of a very distant relative

So you’ve accepted an invitation to the wedding of your 4th cousin twice removed that you haven’t seen in 20 years. You have no idea what they’re up to or where they’re living, but you decide to attend, because, after all, we love weddings and all the people that we see there.

So we’ve created this list of some of the funniest people you’re bound to see at the wedding. Some of the people you’ll never forget:

  • The girl who’s ultra-competitive at the bouquet toss

Ah, yes. The girl who is hungry for marriage and treats the bouquet toss as a game of American football. For some reason she thinks she’s on a scene of Bride Wars and actually believes that if she catches the bouquet, she’ll have long lines of men asking her to get married. What she doesn’t realize, however, is that no one actually cares about the bouquets in real life – only in the movies. Perhaps if someone just gave her a jar of XYZ Collagen, they’d be more likely to find true love.


  • The wedding crasher

Inspired by the movie Wedding Crashers, you’re bound to find men at a wedding who have no affiliation towards the married couple, but attend just to increase their notch count and brag to their friends.


  • The memorable wedding speech

Inspired by Alan’s speech in the Hangover Part II and also My Best Friend’s Wedding, the wedding speech is either cringe-worthingly awkward or adorably sweet. Hopefully the bride and groom choose a trustworthy person to deliver the speech.


  • Old people that you just can’t help but adore

Yes, they do attend weddings. Yes, they do stand out. Sometimes they even rap, or sing, such as the Wedding Singer.


  • The Interrupter

There’s always someone who interrupts a wedding to declare their unconditional love to the bride, or someone who tackles the bride as she walks down the isle. Inspired by Four Weddings and a Funeral. Little do they know though that by this time, it’s usually way too late! Yes, it’s remarkably entertaining to watch, but to be honest, they’d have been better off staying at home.


  • The Priest who’s drank way too much alcohol to the point that he’s slurring his speech

Inspired by Four Weddings and a Funeral, sometimes the Priest should really leave his whisky flask at home, and not bother to bring it to the wedding. It would really save him any sort of embarrassment and avoid him being a talking topic of guests at the wedding.


  • The woman who dresses the bride and makes her change her outfit on the aisle

Inspired by 27 Dresses, apparently there’s no limit to amount of times the bride can try on her dress to the sounds of “awww she looks so beautiful” by the men and women in the crowd. The more times it happens, the more memorable the wedding will be.


See, aren’t you glad you attended the wedding? 🙂